Course Staff

The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at [email protected]. You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response.


Headshot of Aditya Baradwaj

Aditya Baradwaj

Email: abaradwaj@
Headshot of Brijen Thananjeyan


Headshot of Caryn Tran

Caryn Tran

Head TA
Email: caryn.tran@
Office Hours:
Wed 10am–12pm @ Cory 284
  • Hello, I’m Caryn! I’m a master’s student doing research on AI applications in wireless communication. I’ve TA’d 188 in the past and am excited to TA again. My hobbies are dancing, cooking, and playing tennis. It should be easy to spot me, I’m the only female staff member 🙂
Headshot of Xiaocheng Mesut Yang

Xiaocheng Mesut Yang

Head TA
Email: xiaocheng.yang@
Office Hours:
Mon/Thu 5–7pm @ Soda 436
Fri 5–6pm @ Soda 310
  • Hello everyone! I am a third year CS major. I TAed CS188 in Summer 2018 and Spring 2019, and I am happy to rejoin this summer as one of the head TAs. My research interest lies in the intersection of computer vision and reinforcement learning. In my free time, I travel to race radio-controlled vehicles at national and international events. Feel free to come talk to me, about anything!
Headshot of Arin Nair

Arin Nair

Email: arinnair@
Office Hours:
Thu 5–7pm @ Cory 521
  • I am a 3rd year CS major who loves the CS curriculum here at Berkeley. I also greatly value my free time, which I like to spend talking to people, listening to rap music, playing video games, and getting high.
Headshot of Benson Yuan

Benson Yuan

Email: yuanbenson1772@
Office Hours:
Tue 3–5pm @ Cory 212
  • Hi! I’m Benson, a rising CS senior from SoCal (and grew up in Taiwan!). My research is currently focused on defending against adversarial examples in machine learning. In my free time, I like to play basketball, watch the NBA, and listen to podcasts and music. Feel free to chat with me and I look forward to meeting you all!
Headshot of Bobby Yan

Bobby Yan

Email: bobbyy@
Office Hours:
Mon 5–7pm @ Soda 436
  • Hey there! I’m Bobby, a rising junior and an EECS major here at Berkeley. My current research is on robotic grasping, and systems for machine learning. Apart from music, coding, blueberries, and of course, teaching, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, trying out new food, playing and watching tennis, and building all sorts of cool stuff.
Headshot of Mike Danielczuk

Mike Danielczuk

Email: mdanielczuk@
Office Hours:
Thu 3–5pm @ Cory 212
  • Hi! I’m Mike, a 2nd-year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ph.D. student in Professor Ken Goldberg’s Autolab. My research currently focuses on models for robotic perception and manipulation. Previously, I also worked in New York City building robots for a virtual reality startup called VirtualApt. Outside of academic work, I spend a lot of time running, backpacking and hiking. I also really enjoy watching and playing sports.